Win Your Heart Over With Olive Oil and Sea Salt: Nutritious AND Delicious

At the corner of kitchens worldwide – a proven test of time, generational, and cultural changes – lie two essential ingredients for natural home remedies and delicious meals! For simple pasta or mouth-watering cakes, olive oil and sea salt are fundamental companions throughout many recipes and, ultimately, your culinary journey. 


But what makes them such core parts of the average kitchen, regardless of culture? Believe it or not, it boils down to their health benefits and diverse applications. 


The Basics of the Health Benefits

Let’s first take a quick trip through a few healthy features of olive oil and sea salt. Both extra virgin olive oil and sea salt are credited with aiding in weight loss and preventing diseases. Olive oil in food is proven to fight inflammation, protect your heart, and ignite the flavors in all your dishes. One of the best things to offer your family members and loved ones is the addition of high-quality extra virgin olive oil to their food and cooking habits! 


As far as adding sea salt, it is the most enriching ingredient to any chosen plate. Sea salt, much like Himalayan salt, is known for having various minerals which regulate the blood pressure in one’s body. However, unlike Himalayan salt, which is rock salt, sea salt comes from evaporating sea water! It also aids with digestion and adds a great touch to your foods. Depending upon the region where the salt is produced, like the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea, or the Mediterranean Sea, the sea salt has a distinct color, taste, harvesting method, and characteristic. Unlike normal table salt, sea salt benefits your heart rate and does not harm your health. 


They Level Up Almost Every Type of Meal!

Picture yourself making a scrumptious plate of Mediterranean pasta.  A pinch of sea salt and a cup of olive oil will turn your dish upside down. Using sea salt and virgin olive oil with vegetables has also been recommended to bring out the flavor in your greens. Take basil as an example or pesto. It would be an imperfect end to a beautiful story without the touch of olive bitterness mixed with the twist of sea salt. 


To keep it sweet and sensual, how would you like your fluffy chocolate pudding to be not only mouth-watering but also nutritive?  For an easily impressive dinner party, a rich bittersweet chocolate pudding with caramel sauce, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and flaky sea salt crystals will have your guests feeling full of bliss. A global favorite is Levantine olive oil, which comes from the Levantine region and includes Lebanese olive oil and Palestinian olive oil, as well as the age-old Syrian olive oil. The taste of the warm Levantine grounds lying in the olive oil, along with the twist of the fresh sea salt, is enough to take you home with any meal. 

So, as you can see, adding the healthier alternatives of olive oil and sea salt to your kitchen essentials instead of butter and processed table salt will quite literally win your heart over! You can level up your recipes guilt-free and with a nourishing treat to your body too. 

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