Even Starbucks Couldn’t Resist Olive Oil!

Coffee corporate legend Starbucks has dedicated a line of their products to extra virgin olive oil infused coffee! Yes, you read that right. Along with the retirement of Starbucks’ well-renowned creator, founder, and CEO Howard Schultz will take place in April, the brand revealed their new and spectacular product, “Oleato,” as Schultz’s final act. 

The Oleato line of beverages is unique and ground-breaking because it features Starbucks coffee infused with extra virgin olive oil. Fasten your seatbelts for the mouthwatering series of drinks, including Oleato™ Caffè Latte, Oleato™ Iced Cortado, Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Cold Brew, Oleato™ Deconstructed, and Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Espresso Martini. 

Where Can I Try It?

Even though it is going to be exclusively sold in Milan’s Starbucks Reserve Roastery, the shop is expecting to be overwhelmed with lines around the block once the word is out. Who wouldn’t want a good cup of coffee with nutritive extra virgin olive oil and their name on it? It is the sense of curiosity towards this unusual mixture that gave the brand leading headlines on the topic. Gambero Rosso, an Italian food and wine magazine, said that the mixing of olive oil with coffee is “a curious combination.” 

Bringing you closer to the creation, “Oleato” means “oiled” in Italian, Schultz claimed the beverages would be rolled out in Southern California this spring. As for Japan, the Middle East, and Britain, they will be able to get their hands on this gem later throughout the year. Adding a buttery and fluffy taste to your bitter coffee, Oleato drinks are mainly served cold or iced! With just enough
olive oil, the drinks were described by those who tried them to be velvety smooth, softly sweet, and with the right amount of lushness.

But, Why Would I Add Olive Oil To My Coffee?!

According to Middle Eastern traditions, a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil each day is a healthy and uplifting ritual. Adding olive oil to your coffee has been proven by multiple researchers to be beneficial. It is said to decrease your body’s caffeine intake, protecting your stomach from inflammation and supporting better gut health overall. We also tend to see the importance of using olive oil in Levantine cultures, which makes it a pillar in their diets and way of living. Levantine olive oil is known for its rich flavor, and maybe we might even find Starbucks featuring oil zaitoon in its new line of products! Oleato is crafted using the finest and most well-preserved olives of the Mediterranean, which were thoughtfully and carefully selected to perfect the flavor of the drinks. 

Here is a sneak peek at the menu: the  Oleato™ Caffè Latte contains Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, which is light, smooth, and subtly sweet. To add the final touch, it is infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil and steamed with creamy oat milk. 

Whether you fall in love with Oleato or find it not a match, it is a luxurious and textural experience for those who choose coffee first! You could even try this at home and add some of the world’s richest Levantine olive oil to your coffee! Would you dare to have a taste, or do you like keeping it simple?

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