The Maknoon Philosophy

A word meaning ‘cherished’ or ‘well-preserved’ in Arabic, Maknoon is a luxury homegrown brand dedicated to honoring the deep roots of Levantine culture through the use of olives and olive oil as a source of culinary joy and nostalgia.

At Maknoon, we celebrate the farmers who have lovingly made our artisan oils. By buying our products, you’re supporting them, their families and their communities. You become a part of their story and help in the preservation of their community.

We are passionate about the rich cultural heritage, from farm to table, and every experience in between. We are involved in every step of the process, from picking, to pressing, to bottling and delivering to your home or client.

You can be assured that you’re buying a product that has been ethically and sustainably produced by farmers whom we know and trust. We as a brand are committed towards delivering a positive footprint across our value chain.

Our oils are lovingly crafted and beautifully presented, making them an exquisite gift, corporate spoil or equally a decadent addition to your own home.

The Art of the Levantine Nature

The Levantine area is known for its great climate and natural surroundings. The climate is ideal for olive oil production, as the temperature is warm enough to encourage growth, but not so hot that the olives would overripe. The region also gets a fair amount of rainfall, which is necessary for the olive trees to thrive. The olive trees in the Levant are some of the oldest in the world, and they produce some of the best olive oil.

The Art of the people

At Maknoon, we are part of a culture, a community, and the proud people that are part of it. We serve our community in our own way.
Being part of every step of the process, from the tree to your table, starts with choosing our suppliers. We only deal with small producers, family-owned businesses in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine that cultivate olives the good old-fashioned way. Our business is to help them strive and stay in business.

The Art of the process

The age-old process of extracting the oil from the olives is comprised of several stages: the crushing stage, the kneading or mixing stage, and the extraction stage.First, they are crushed into a paste which is done by rolling large round stones over them. The olive paste is then delicately remixed in order to begin extraction.The final stage is the oil extraction, which consists of sorting out the three different components of the olive paste: the oil, the water and the solids (crushed pits, skin and pulp).