Have you been searching for a proven supplier that can deliver delicious and well-sourced olive oil? Dubai clients, look no further than Maknoon, the number one provider of luxury, homegrown olive oil.

We’re delighted to deliver our quality product to all clients in need, whether it be for personal or commercial use. You can learn more about our luxurious olive oil by filling out our online contact form, where our staff will do their best to get back to you promptly.

We Are Maknoon

A word meaning ‘cherished’ or ‘well-preserved’, Maknoon is a luxury homegrown brand dedicated to honoring the deep roots of Levantine culture through the use of olives and olive oil as a source of culinary joy and nostalgia.

Luxury Olive Oil in Dubai

Here at Maknoon, we’re delighted to provide clients with the best olive oil Dubai has to offer. We have been refining our product for many years to the point where it is now one of the most highly sought after olive oils in the UAE. Our passionate and dedicated team is committed to delivering a quality product that exceeds the expectations of clients and leaves them wholly satisfied. You’re sure to be blown away by the thorough process behind making our trademark olive oil.

Our company name, Maknoon, comes from the Arabic word for ‘cherished’ or well-preserved’, which is fitting for the nature of our quality olive oil. In Dubai, clients can expect to receive a product that has been produced with care through the efforts of a skilled and knowledgeable team. It is our goal to bring this luxury product that honors the deep roots of Levantine culture to as many customers as possible. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about our premium olive oil.

Luxury Olive Oil in Dubai

Our Collection

The Best Olive Oil Dubai Customers Can Get

At Maknoon, we’re proud to produce extra virgin olive oil in Dubai of the highest quality. We believe that olive oil production is an art, which is why our staff is made up of artists who make sure that every bottle we produce is worthy of bearing our name.

The quality of olive oil is determined based on how it’s produced. The purest and most natural olive oil available is extra virgin, which is what we specialize in making. The more artificial processes that olive oil goes through, the worse the quality. It’s because ours is only produced using the purest methods available that it’s considered to be the best olive oil Dubai has to offer.

Many clients reach out to us wondering when olive oil is considered past its prime. When left unopened in a dry, dark place, olive oil can last for quite some time. However, if left in a hot environment with lots of light, olive oil will lose the fruity qualities in its taste and be of much lower quality. Such a factor is important to consider when storing a luxury olive oil product such as ours.

There are three types of Dubai olive oil that we at Maknoon have available to clients, which are the:

  • Lebanon Classic
  • Palestine Classic
  • Syria Classic

Each of these olive oils, Dubai clients, are distinct from one another, so you’re sure to find one that is tempting to your tastebuds. Our staff are more than willing to discuss each type of oil at length, so reach out to us now for further information.

Olive Oil Dubai

Why Choose Dubai Olive Oil from Maknoon?

In the time that we at Maknoon have been operating, we’ve managed to build an excellent reputation. As a company, we’re proud to celebrate the farmers who have helped make our artisan oil dreams a reality.

You can become a part of their story and support their families and communities by purchasing our olive oil. Dubai customers are sure to be impressed with the luxury olive oil that we have produced, as it is lovingly made by a dedicated supply chain.


  • I got my order of Lebanese virgin oil today and was very impressed with the packaging & freshness as well as the quality. The olive oil taste was soooo good, it added a very delicious taste to my dishes!! Looking forward to being a REGULAR ordering customer from now on!!


  • Hi, I have placed my order last week of the olive oil collection (Lebanon, Syria & Palestine Oil), and all I want to say is how much I love your products so yummy and makes me feel good that I am having a premium quality of olive oil. Thank you!


  • I found this by far the best and most valuable business gift to order for a special client. Perfect packaging, as expected. Couldn’t be happier with any other choice.


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