The Syria Collection


The legend claims that the olive trees were first found in Syria, in the ancient city-state of Ebla. The Syrian soil and climate is still, as always, the best accustomed for the growth of olive oil. Get a special case of 3 Syrian origin olive oil bottles (500ml) and enjoy the great tastes from the Levantine region.

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Our olive oil is ethically and sustainably produced and directly sourced from farmers whom we know and trust from the land of Syria.

Extra virgin olive oil has many benefits, and is fairly nutritious. It contains vitamins E and K and plenty of beneficial fatty acids. On average, one tablespoon of olive oil contains the following:

– Saturated fat: 14%
– Monounsaturated fat: 73%
– Vitamin E: 13% of the Daily Value
– Vitamin K: 7% of the Daily Value

Olive oil should be stored in a cool dark place, and should not be exposed to light in order to not lose its natural benefits, taste and flavor.

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