About Us

About Maknoon

A word meaning ‘cherished’ or ‘well-preserved’ in Arabic, Maknoon is a luxury homegrown brand dedicated to honoring the deep roots of Levantine culture through the use of olives and olive oil as a source of culinary joy and nostalgia.

At Maknoon, we celebrate the farmers who have lovingly made our artisan oils. By buying our products, you’re supporting them, their families and their communities. You become a part of their story and help in the preservation of their community.

We are passionate about the rich cultural heritage, from farm to table, and every experience in between. We are involved in every step of the process, from picking, to pressing, to bottling and delivering to your home or client.

You can be assured that you’re buying a product that has been ethically and sustainably produced by farmers whom we know and trust. We as a brand are committed towards delivering a positive footprint across our value chain.

Our oils are lovingly crafted and beautifully presented, making them an exquisite gift, corporate spoil or equally a decadent addition to your own home.

About The Founder

I am an old-fashioned hippie with love and connection to my roots. I was raised by my grandmother while my parents were away in Saudi making a living. I remember growing up handpicking hibiscus and chicory leaves from the fields to help prepare lunch for my four siblings, and bathing in Arabic homemade soap that was 100% organic and pure.

From there on, the love and longing for the original scents and flavors have remained a big part of my 22-expatriate years in the UAE and have never left me. With that in mind and heart, I have decided to preserve and package those precious moments through presenting a piece of my heritage and culture, and that of the Levantine, to the world.

Olive oil is the most sacred most cherished produce of my land and the land surrounding me, Palestine and Syria. I wanted not only to bring the purest and most absolute olive oil I can source, but also to package it in the way that it deserves and present it with the notion of a gift, to people, from mother earth.

I do hope you carry this sentiment with you every time you purchase and hold one of Maknoon’s bottles. Whether you are buying it for your home or gifting it, you are participating in an ancient and well-preserved story that is here to stay.